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Jose Mourinho admits he will look like ‘an idiot’ in new Netflix documentary about his career

Jose Mourinho has revealed he will star in an upcoming Netflix documentary which will leave fans thinking he is a “total idiot”.

The 60-year-old has enjoyed an iconic managerial career which has featured spells at Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, and he is currently loving life with Roma.

After Wednesday’s 2-1 win over Cremonese, Mourinho revealed details of the documentary, which he claimed will hit screens on Thursday.

“I’ll give you some news, a documentary about me starts on Netflix, it’s a documentary about my career and it starts on Thursday,” he revealed. “There are things that will only be known there, they pay me well.

“I hadn’t signed with Roma yet, but I had given my word. A club came along and wanted me to break my agreement with Roma, which hadn’t yet been signed, and I said no.

“When the documentary comes out everyone will say I’m a total idiot. When Portugal arrived I immediately told the president about it. When Saudi Arabia arrived I immediately told the president about it. This is why I don’t think they talk to other coaches behind my back, for me it’s not like that because there is reciprocity.”

Jose Mourinho

Mourinho is one of the most successful managers in recent history / ben radford/GettyImages

The contents of the documentary remain to be seen but Mourinho seems likely to discuss his spells with each of his former employers over his memorable 24-year career to date.

Fans will be keen to hear details about his controversial departures from the likes of United and Tottenham, while his two spells with Chelsea, which were both triumphant and turbulent, will likely feature prominently.

There was also plenty of controversy during his time with Madrid, where Mourinho was incredibly successful but found himself regularly accused of issues with referees, the media and even high-ranking figures in the dressing room.


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