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The best Paroli strategy in football betting

The goal of every punter is to beat the bookmaker in the long run and make a profit from his sports bets. To be successful in doing that, you need to have a solid knowledge of the sport (game) you are betting on. Also, a tested and proven betting strategy will get you far. In this article, I will show you how to use the best Paroli strategy in football betting.

What is the Paroli betting system?

The Paroli betting system was first used in the 16th century by Italian people playing Basset (a card game). Having a positive progression as a base, the Paroli strategy means doubling the stake after each bet is won. As you have probably guessed, it is the exact opposite of the Martingale betting system. This is one of the reasons why punters are often referring to it as Reverse Martingale.

Bettors love this strategy because of its simplicity. They are using it in every sport and casino game. From football to tennis, basketball, and NFL to Roulette or Baccarat.

How does the Paroli system work in football betting

The Paroli system, like any other betting strategy will need to have the stake adjusted according to the available odds the bookie is offering. The same as in the Martingale betting system, we need a minimum odds of 2 for every bet placed. Let’s see the following example which will later be broken down into simple steps.

How does the Paroli system work in betting

Looking at the table above we can notice that if the number of bets won is equal to the number of bets lost, we will break even, with no profit. In other words, to be successful we need the average odds to be higher than 2 in case we win only 50% of our bets.

Also, another downside of the Paroli system is: how do you know when to stop and resume with the initial stake when you are on a winning run?  Professional punters usually resume from step 1 after 3 consecutive wins. Keep in mind that you need to adjust the strategy according to your bankroll and your expected won bets.

Since we are required to have odds 2 or above each time we are using the Paroli system, we have limited options on the betting markets offered by the bookies. Also, our picks will be classed as high risk, regarding whether we are building our betting strategy using single bets or Accumulators.

How to win football bets using the Paroli betting strategy

When you decide to build a football betting strategy based on the Paroli system you have mainly 2 options:

  • Betting pre-match: this is when you place your bet before the game starts. You can choose a single event or build an Accumulator, depending on the final odds on your bet slip.
  • In-play (live betting): it has advantages and disadvantages. A major plus is to bet live on a single event since the odds will shift constantly during the game. This will boost your odds compared to a pre-match bet and give you a lot of value to explore. The downside is you need to find matches that are being played at approximately the same hour.

From my own betting experience, I recommend using Acca’s predominantly on pre-match bets. As for the single bets, you can use them in both the pre-match and in-play sections. The obvious advantage is the longer odds live betting is boosting.

The best pre-match Paroli betting strategy

Real Sociedad has been outstanding this season both domestically and in Europe. The Basque side has shown consistency in recent years mostly thanks to keeping Imanol Alguacil at the helm. The experienced Spanish manager has taken charge in the dugout since 2018, improving the squad every season.

The famous Anoeta Stadium (aka Reale Arena due to sponsorship reasons) has been a fortress this year. Only Barcelona managed to conquer it (1-0 win). Sociedad made a statement in the Champions League by winning a group from where Inter Milan finished 2nd.

The best Paroli strategy in football betting

Looking at Sociedad’s results from the last season we could estimate the Basque team will do very well as well this term. Backing them to lead at halftime in the matches played at Anoeta has proved to be very profitable so far. Of course, the very good start Sociedad had leading in the first 4 matches would propel us towards a very good profit.

Keeping the usual betting strategy of wagering the initial stake after 3 consecutive wins reduces the probability of going bankrupt. Consider that although only 7 bets from 12 turned out to be winners, an incredible profit of 780 units was made.

You can back top teams like Real Madrid, Liverpool, PSG, and Bayern on any betting market as long as the odds are a minimum of 2. The best way to bet on these giants of club football is to use the live section of the sports event. For example, as I previously showed you the best in-play Martingale betting strategy by backing City playing away at Luton. The 10-minute next team to score market is a perfect example of how live betting offers you value.

Is the Paroli system effective in sports betting?

The Paroli betting system can be profitable if you know what you are doing. This strategy is dependent on mainly 2 factors:

  • the ratio of winning bets vs losing bets.
  • the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Stick with the betting markets you are familiar with. If you consider building Acca’s using the Paroli betting strategy, don’t add too many picks to your bet slip. Focus on improving your pre-match analysis. Also, managing your bankroll is key. Allow yourself a longer losing streak without going bust and always test any betting strategy before you bet a large sum of money.

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